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Shots, Sunshine and Secret Speakeasy Bars…

First off, Samui is a literal paradise as soon as you hop off the boat. Seriously, this island puts all others to shame. I headed to SocialTel with my backpack, and the journey there was unreal – mountains, jungles, tropical beach… you name it. When I got to SocialTel, I was desperately craving a shower and a cocktail (maybe at the same time), so quickly went to check in. It was super easy, with the choice between Private or Social Dorm rooms, plus the reception was basically a bar, with the first cocktail free when you arrive!

I freshened up and headed to the pool, where a load of people were chilling, drinking and chatting about their adventures around the island so far. A couple of drinks down and that afternoon turned into a bit of a blur! Six of us headed down to the beach for a bit (which was a huge 1 minute walk away) and went to SocialTel’s beach club, Sandbox. Massive pool party vibes here – it genuinely looked like I had walked into a music video. As the sun went down, we got a bit peckish so went to The Hard Rock Cafe (next door to SocialTel), which was waiting for
us with burgers, cheese, chips and everything you want when you’ve had a few drinks. Feeling full, we popped back to SocialTel to change, and met in the rooftop bar for a couple of shots (can’t let those burgers sober us up too much!).

Reception had told us about a secret speakeasy bar next door, and I won’t tell you anything else, but it’s definitely worth popping there for a few forbidden drinks. The street of the hotel (Chaweng Beach Rd) was buzzing with action all night – dancing, music, Thai street food – and then you can just head to the beach for a chill out if it all gets a bit crazy. I’m writing this blog the morning after, sitting at the rooftop co-working space, sipping my coffee, and looking out onto the ocean. We have already booked a snorkeling trip for this afternoon through the hotel, so I’ll be hopping into my bikini soon for the next big adventure!