Private Rooms & Social Dorms Stay Social.. Live Social

Rooms, Social Dorms and Hostels a true social experience, look no further! Live the Socia\Tel Life
Rooms, Social Dorms or Hostels? At Socia\tel we realised that the hotel industry was missing something, something that would turn an ordinary holiday into an extraordinary one.
What’s the point of staying in a hotel or hostel if there’s no one to enjoy it with? By incorporating all the great social aspects of a hotel and housing them inside our unique, purpose-built hotel, we’ve created an experience like no other.
So if you love partying at beach clubs, finishing that last minute report with a cocktail on a rooftop bar, experiencing some new cuisine or enjoying an after-hours cocktail at a secret spot…then what are you waiting for? Book Now
Why stay at Socialtel?
Just like its namesake, this place is meant to turn your inner introvert side into socializing and just exploring yourself in the best way possible. Socialtel is pushing boundaries of what a typical experience should look like with the most unusual and most exciting daylife and nightlife.
Party with friends? Choose your dorm!

SOCIA\TEL dorm rooms are the place to be. With comfy dorm beds, an ensuite bathroom/shower, privacy curtains and awesome WIFI, dorm life doesn’t get any better. Yes, there’s 100% room for activities!

Swingers Room
G-Spot Room
Double Swingers
Need a Private Rooms? look no further!

Need a little escape? Our private rooms are your very own haven after a busy day or an amazing night out. Our comfy beds, ensuite bathrooms, and excellent working spaces, mean you’ll really feel like this is your home away from home.

Size Doesn’t Matter
Big Enough
Just About Right
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Show Off
(Pool View & Balcony)
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