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My besties have always mentioned SocialTel so when we planned our trip to the full moon party in Thailand this summer they made sure to make a stop at their social hotel in Koh Samui location. This was my first time ever experiencing SocialTel and it’s definitely one of my summer highlights. I ended up extending my stay at SocialTel to spend more time with all the people I met and the crazy parties that always made my night. My friends and I ended up arriving a few hours early so reception was kind enough to store our luggage while we hit the beach. We instantly became friends with the other college kids playing volleyball and hung out with them throughout our stay. The party culture at SocialTel is insane, there were parties almost everyday so we were meeting a lot of really cool people and one of the most memorable parts of my stay was drinking on the beach after with everyone to watch the sunrise. We were close to a lot of the action in Koh Samui so we were hitting a lot of bars and clubs while meeting and taking day trips like snorkeling and elephant sanctuaries. SocialTel threw different themed parties throughout the week and that was really exciting because it brought a new energy everytime. One of my favorite memories was probably the best pool parties in SocialTel Koh Samui. We all played drinking games, went swimming and danced to some of the best music playing especially the hip hop and pop music. Being around so many hot people in one spot made my FOMO strong enough to keep craving the parties every night. During the day my girlies and I spent our time tanning and relaxing by the beach and we really treated ourselves and tried a little bit of everything from the menu. We ran out of outfits during our stay and instead of repeating them we decided to check out a shopping center near us and we found so many cute outfits. We ended up doing a shopping spree and it was one of the best shopping experiences I’ve had while traveling. We also went on a scuba diving trip and the people in charge were super helpful with making sure we knew how to work the equipment and feel safe in the water. They taught us certain sign movements to communicate underwater and once we were underwater the experience was crazy. The coral reefs were so gorgeous and there were so many colorful fishes that we stayed over an hour. I really feel like I bonded well with everyone at SocialTel. The staff was amazing, the people were so fun and down to do anything, the activities and booze kept me so alive and ready for the fun and at night I slept well knowing I was surrounded in an all girls dorm in Koh Samui with the people I trusted.