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I grew up with strict parents and tight rules so being able to get away for a while and stay at SocialTel’s hostel was the biggest thing to happen to me this summer. The people I met during my stay at this social hotel made me feel so comfortable and included. I actually ended up meeting one of my best friends who coincidentally only lived half an hour from me. The days during my stay I spent partying and having fun that I completely forgot to answer my mom’s calls. The mornings that I would feel hungover or tired I treated myself with some IV at The Drip Bar that brought me right back to life and ready to experience more of what SocialTel had to offer. The dorm rooms at SocialTel were so comfortable. At first, I was unsure about sharing a room with strangers but later I felt so relaxed and welcomed. We all bonded and felt completely safe and trusted each other. The beds were so comfortable that I instantly knocked out after the craziest nights. In the morning, we all got ready together while listening to music and debriefing all the drama about the previous night. Mercedes was really helpful in anything we needed whether it came to excursions, parties, drinks, or settling in the hostel rooms. The Powder Room was the pinnacle of all parties at SocialTel. The speakeasy had some of the strongest cocktails I ever had and they kept the party going strong well into the night. The bartenders were the best, dancing to the music while making our drinks and everyone’s energy was really amazing. The dim lights were such a vibe while dancing to trending songs and I never felt more alive. During the day, I spent time with my friends at the Sandbox beach party and cooled down with popsicles and cocktails. I tried this marihuana infused margarita that tastes like heaven and relaxed with my friends while listening to the music. Staying at SocialTel really helped me discover myself and how adventurous I really am without having anyone to hold me back. My friends and I are already planning another trip and plan to stay at all the different Social/tel locations.